(aka James)




Current Status: Idle
They have been here since the beginning
Last seen
Clan Team Misumi
PP 9,307
Ranked score 400,583,384
Total score 1,439,651,532
Playcount 2,689
Total Replays watched 32
Total hits 296,155
Accuracy 96.56%
Level 60

Hey! I'm one of the few developers here at Misumi. If you have any requests for features or know of any bugs please don't hesitate to contact me ingame, via Discord or my email. If you just want to talk that's ok too, I'm friendly :)

Server Profiles:

Kurikku - https://kurikku.pw/u/1900
EZ-PP Farm - https://ez-pp.farm/u/1042
Realistik - https://ussr.pl/u/1061
Akatsuki - https://akatsuki.pw/u/11431
Misumi - https://misumi.me/u/5
Ainu - https://ainu.pw/u/2813

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